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Weekend Mr Puppy Czech Republic 2020

One of the most beautiful aspects of puppy play is that you can find friends anywhere and everywhere. Today we want to tell you about the experience that I, Axel, and Wyatt have had in Prague during the event for the election of the new Mr. Puppy Czech Republic 2020 on Saturday, November 23rd.


Prague is one of the most loved capitals, especially by the Italians. Think: in 2016 ours was the fourth reference market, surpassed only by Germany, the USA and Great Britain.

Prague is an extraordinary city, full of monuments and museums, rich in experiences, elegant, well maintained (sometimes too restored), to be discovered according to the tastes and passions of each. We definitely recommend a weekend to visit one of Europe’s most fascinating capitals.

but now back to us:

FRIDAY November 22nd

After a day of work, Wyatt and I went to Milan-Malpensa airport and with a very quiet Easyjet flight, in an hour we arrived at the airport of the capital of the Czech Republic.

Here, to our pleasant surprise, we found our friend Hack – Mr. Puppy Czech Republic 2017 – waiting for us, together with his Human Horse, BlueStone, they accompanied us to our hotel where we spent a pleasant evening before going to bed. Saturday wake up at 7.00 for the city puppy tour!


Definitely the most challenging day. After an excellent breakfast at the Hotel, we headed to Prague Castle, a real town built on a hill overlooking the city! between palaces, walls and a beautiful Gothic church, we continued our visit to the old city of Prague, with a beautiful boat trip organized by the puppy group from the Czech Republic and a tour of the main squares.

Charles Bridge

What to say, visiting a city with locals is much better than any tourist guide, even if they are also puppy, even better!

We were not the only guests of the event, the tour and weekend were also attended by Mr Puppy International, Sirius, and Mr Puppy Austria 2020 and 2019, Yoshi and Dino, together with their Handler.

In short, tour and excellent company, a winning formula.

At the end of the tour, a good lunch with excellent local meat-based food and then a quick rest in the Hotel before the evening event.


The event took place in a place in the eastern suburbs of Prague, easily reachable both by Metro and Uber (excellent prices).

The place was divided into two levels: on the ground floor, an excellent pup to eat, drink and have fun, on the second floor, the stage for performances and shows.

Five candidates took part in the election: Akuma, Dobby, Dark, Alan and Tomik.

Compared to other elections I have witnessed over the years, during the Mr Puppy Czech Republic event candidates are asked to:

  • Facing in the most “canine” way possible, an “obstacle course” made up of ropes, skittles and circles;
  • Prepare a puppy play show;
  • Performing in a cute Karaoke with “Woof Woof!” And “Bau Bau

And then the public vote by secret ballot and, awaiting the verdict, a beautiful Human Horses themed show of which we propose a short video below.


and here we are at the long awaited moment. After placing all 5 on the stage, the new Mr Puppy Czech Republic 2020 is elected…. DARK.

What to say, a wonderful event and an exceptional community of the Czech Republic: open, inclusive and intent on experiencing the puppy play in its most joyous form! truly an event to be marked on the calendar and not to be missed.