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Puppy Play: what is it?

What is puppy play for you?

“For me it’s freedom” – Axel

“A way to live myself free from social bonds, free in my instinct” – Stolas

“For me, it has changed in significance throughout the course of the discovery. I know what it is not, but I don’t have a precise answer. It tends to freedom, courage, acceptance Believe in your animal self. But I still don’t know for sure. But it makes me feel good. And that’s enough “– Liberty

I could define it” as a sensation. A “magical” feeling if we want. One of those you can never tire of! ”– Dexter

This is the question that more than any other has been a reason for comparison in all puppy communities at the national and international levels.

In reality, there is no right answer that excludes all the others. But we can try to respond by giving you our point of view on different levels.

Social Level

The image of puppy play in Italy is not yet as well known and accepted as in other countries since, in the common vision, it is almost always only associated with the fetish scene and the sexual context (which in Italy we know is still a taboo subject).

The purpose of our project is to create a place of information in which the puppy play is told by those who live it directly

Fetish Level

The puppy play has its roots in the fetish context within the BDSM community. Over the years, the figure of the puppy has assumed a psychological connotation in which from a submissive and humiliated figure (such as the slave or the dog slave) he has passed to a proud awareness of living his own canine nature in which the sexual sphere it is not the only condition to define oneself puppy.

Personal Level

On a personal level, there are different ways and (worlds) of living one’s puppy side, each with their own favorite color shades and different motivations.

Therefore, puppy play is the freedom to be oneself without any discrimination with respect to gender, sexual orientation, role, and sexual preferences.

In this small introductory article, we have dealt with many different themes that here in the “HOUSE OF PUPPY” we will then go into more in-depth by telling us and telling what is hidden under our canine hood.