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The logo of House of Puppy

At the beginning of this project, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was: which logo should we have designed for House of Puppy?

We wanted something that came away from a fetish context, that represented a concept of inclusiveness and that expressed our ideal of puppy play.

Looking around for a suitable subject, we stumbled upon what was then chosen as the symbol of House of Puppy:

Yin and Yang containing a paw and the imprint of a hand, but why this symbol?

Yin and Yang generally represent opposites: anything has its opposite, not absolute, but in comparative terms. Nothing can be completely yin or completely yang. Furthermore, the yin and the yang have roots in one another: they are interdependent, they have a reciprocal origin, one cannot exist without the other.

Male / Female, light / shadow, good / evil and so on.

What more inclusive symbol could we choose? The paw and the hand to represent the man and the puppy. Both are part of a unique identity that is complete with both elements. It is important for us to always remember that our puppy side and the human side cannot be separated from each other because puppy play for us is not just a game or a fetish but a lifestyle.

We took this symbol and put it in a kennel. Safe. Protected. In fact, House of Puppy wants to be a safe place for those approaching puppy play. A place to feel at home and free to be yourself.

And so, once again, WELCOME PUPPIES! WOOF