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Puppy Stories | let’s meet Stolas

Wooof!” I am Stolas White “Lupacchiotto” (little wolf) born in the summer of 2019, even if the wolf has always been inside me.

As a human gay cisgender, I have also lived various experiences in the BDSM / Fetish world and that experience remains in my human being.

Despite being born from that world to me, PuppyPlay is not linked to a sexual level. Everyone has the freedom to live their Puppy alter-ego in private as they feel but, I would like to bring the beauty that I found in this life of friendship, creating empathic bonds, pack affection, freedom to the world.

I don’t want to be mistaken for a dog-slave, not because I find it wrong but because they are not and for me, Puppy Play is lived in other ways.

My Stolas, as I said, is a Wolf, he doesn’t like balls like the other little dogs, he prefers fighting, hunting, shooting outdoors and is linked to my paths. Animists like Lupo as a guide, a little shaman puppy. I strongly believe in the word Branco with the meaning of mutual help, confrontation and even play.

I think of the theoretical figure of a handler as a human companion of Puppy, with whom he has an emotional exchange, growth or simple well-being, I don’t see him as a master. For me, every Puppy is master of himself and can decide to tie himself in his own way of life to other Puppies, a handler just for the pleasure of being together as a real pack.

Stolas is a bit Alpha, “discusses”, confronts, fights but knows how to become very attached to the members of his Entourage that he defends and respects even when he growls at him.