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Puppy play Spitz (2)

Puppy Stories | let’s meet Spitz

Hi everyone, I’m Simone Paradiso and Spitz in Puppy version.

I approached this nuance among the many because I am a person with few Taboos and I am a person with broad views. Although I lived many years hiding and delaying my coming out of my homosexuality, so it was not for my being a puppy (especially with the people closest to me).

I believe that only by speaking and showing one’s most “hidden” sides can many prejudices be overcome both in the world of puppy play and in the fetish and BDSM world. But back to me, what do I think about puppy play? This role-playing game allows me to relax and distract myself from everyday problems, but above all, it has allowed me to get to know some wonderful people that I would not have known in other contexts and who are part of my life thankfully.

I also had the awareness of understanding that I cannot please everyone and therefore the “Puppy” side allows me to overcome some barriers. Wanting to immerse yourself in the role of a pure soul (animal) according to my personal belief (paganism) implies having a strong sensitivity and respect for the fauna world. Fortunately, I met a person who is on my wavelength and has become my handler.

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the role of the puppy’s “dad”; I am easy to be, I have a biological dog and I know how to behave with my puppy and I hope that Rastino understands how happy I am to have him as a family.