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Mr Puppy Sweden 2019

Interview of Puppy Zacharias, the first “Puppy Sweden” 2019

The election of a mister puppy is always an important moment of the year for the puppy community. It is even more important when the first “Puppy” is elected!

House of Puppy, had the exclusive first interview with the newly elected Puppy Zacharias, who became Sweden’s first “Puppy” last weekend (Saturday 19 October 2019)

You can find more information on the Swedish puppy community on the site https://www.swepup.com/

And Now, enjoy the interview!

HOP: Hi Zacharias! congratulation for your new title! let’s discover you…When was PupZach born? when did you approach puppy play for the first time?

Hi Axel! Woof! Puppy Zacharias was born on 3 February 2019, but I found out puppy play 4 years ago.

HOP: What did you feel the first time you put on your puppyhood?

Oh! the first time I saw me with the puppyhood I have thought “Oh I am sexy and hot! I like it”

HOP: Every puppy is unique and special, and everyone has their own way of living puppy play. What does it mean to be a puppy for you?

For me, puppy play means the right to be yourself, but also to be free from the human society code.

HOP: How old are you? In your opinion, how does age influence in being a puppy?

I’m ancient, almost like a dinosaur! Just kidding. I am 36 years old and I think age doesn’t influence being a puppy! you can enjoy puppy play in every life moment.

HOP: How much of Zach do you bring into your private life? with family, friends, colleagues …

I would say very much! I am lucky because I can live Puppy Play with my boyfriend (He is also a Puppy) and most of my friends are puppy too.

HOP: As a puppy, are you engaged ? do you have a handler /owner?

Like I said above, I have a puppy/boyfriend, but no handler! we don’t need it

HOP Can you describe to us the Sweden puppy community?

A rising star. Puppy play has exploded in Sweden during 2019 thanks to events like the puppy contest, puppy public walks, coffeemunches and also during pride parade! We have also a telegram group that help pups to stay in contact and rise puppy play community in Sweden

HOP: What do you want to do as Mr Puppy Sweden?

The title belongs to all pups of Sweden. I want to be a good ambassador to help the community in Sweden to grow

HOP: And Finally: describe yourself in a Phrase

That is easy! Wraff wraff wraff…