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Interview of Luge, Mr Puppy Spain

Today we meet a dear friend of the House of Puppy, as well as president of the Puppy Play Spain, Luge the Dog! Today we meet a dear friend of the House of Puppy, as well as president of the Puppy Play Spain, Luge the Dog! Today we meet a dear friend of the House of Puppy, as well as president of the Puppy Play Spain, Luge the Dog!

Aaron: Hi Luge! How are you?

 Hi! I’m fine! Thank you for inviting me to your house!

A: How do you discover your puppy side?

I was in the furry fandom many years ago, when I was a teenager, but it wasn’t what I was looking for. It was about 2013 when I discover puppy play searching on the internet and I fell in love instantly. After the first impression, I started to investigate a little bit more and, as I was researching and discovering the different aspects of puppy play, I felt more part of it and my inner pup was brewing.

A:What Luge bring in your life?

Luge has been a very important part of myself in the last years. Be Luge has been one of the pillars that have sustained me on my feet in some particularly difficult moments on a personal level. It is a way to disconnect from the multiple problems and stressful situations that surround my life and that gives me the strength to move on. As a service pup, it is also an objective and a goal that gives me strength day by day to continue, even though sometimes it seems that there is no way out. But it is also the end of evolution throughout my life, it has made me more responsible and focuses on taking care of others, leaving aside the crazy and young “I” to give way to an old and more experienced dog than try to help and guide the “younger” puppies

A: Almost one year ago you have been elected as Mr.Puppy Spain. How the election changed Luge if it did it.

I don’t want to say that the title “change” my life, because I want to say that I’m the same weird guy as always, but it has given to me some good and priceless things and other ugly things that let me learn and grow.
Be a titleholder gave me a lot of tools to work for the Spanish puppy community, that was what really want of the title. Thanks to that, I have been known and I have been able to give visibility and voice to the pups. I have done a lot of friends from all across Europe and i have seen how is the Puppy Play in many different countries (and I have practice my English too!!!!)Everything I’ve learned from the darkest episodes I lived under the Mr Puppy Spain Title can be summed up in a Spock phrase told to Captain Kirk in Star Trek II: “The Needs of the many outweigh the Needs of the Few, or one”.

A: You had traveled a lot in these months and had the chance to meet puppies from all Europe. Have you seen any difference between puppies in different countries?

Each of the different national puppy communities has their own characteristics but I was surprised more for the big similarities than the small differences. Every place I visited I felt completely loved by the other pups and I was one more, like if I was part of a big family and this is amazing. No matter where you come, where you are at that moment or if it’s the first time you see all those pups, everyone receives you with open arms and wants to share and spend all those time and experiences with you as if you were a lifelong friend. 

A: Now there is a strong question I want to ask you. You are a fluffy lovely big puppy. Have you ever been judged and discriminated for your look? What advice would you like to give to big puppies like you?

I have been judged because of my physical many years, even, after my election, I received some comments at social media telling (it was a fun phrase I will remember always) “Hey! I can’t believe you become a Mr, you are a football. You have the same sex-appeal than a potato”. My answer was:

“Yep, you’re right. But I’m still being Mr Potato”. Meanwhile, my twitter was full of private messages of big pups telling me “Thank you, finally we have a Mr with a real body”.What I want to say is that you have to accept your physical and learn that every kind of body is beautiful. I’m a big guy and I love chubby guys (big pup are the best pups) and inside the puppy community, there is a lot of big and chubby pups, and that’s great because you have a lot of dog breeds that are big and fat. I’m thinking about shar pei, for example, with all those lovely fat rolls that become them so cute, or a Mastiff or Malamutes or thousands of breeds. In fact, for a dog, the physical doesn’t matter and they play and enjoy with other dogs.

Damn, it’s supposed that we are pups, we have to be more dog to be a better person.

Every kind of body is beautiful. There will be always someone who finds you attractive. It doesn’t care if you are fat, too big or small if you lost one leg or whatever… You have to feel comfortable with your body and always be yourself. Look at me! I’m a big size model! (literally, I have studied last summer and now I’m with a big sized specialized agency, doing runways and all those things), and I’m the ugliest guy in the world! Big pups are the best pups. The bigger they are, the more surface there is to hug, their hugs are more cuddly and pleasant and their heart is bigger to give more love.

A: Last month you opened the Puppy Play Spain association. What are your aims for the future?

Puppy Play Spain has been working since 2018, as you say recently that we have organized as an independent association so, in the short term, we are still trying to settle down and start functioning as an association. At the moment, our most ambitious project is to organize the I Spanish Puppy Week for April 2020 (we had to delay it a bit compared to the original dates we were considering), a great pup event nationwide (and any foreign pup wants to come is more than welcome) that serves to unite the Spanish community and have a space where all those pups that we have known over these two years can meet in person and enjoy together.
We are also working with other LGTB + associations to do a workshop on safe sex and prevention of STDs (there are many young pups who have not been as well aware of that aspect as my generation).
We also want to expand our monthly meetings territorially. We already have fixed dates every month in Madrid and Barcelona and we want to expand it to other provinces in southern Spain and possibly to Valencia or another place on the Mediterranean coast.
There is a lot of work to do, but there are also many pups looking forward to helping make the puppy grow.

A: You have a chance to give good advice to all the puppies, what will it be?

I have a Puppy Pride shirt with a very good phrase, so I think I’m going to steal it as advice: “Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pup, then be a pup”
And remember: puppy play is about enjoyed and fun, if you aren’t enjoying it or you are not having fun, then maybe you have been worried too much about something unimportant. Set it aside and focus on the important thing: enjoy and have fun.

Thank you very much for the interview. You also have my best wishes for The House of Puppy and I’m dying to see all the things you are going to do from now on!

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