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The Project

Enjoy Puppy Play with us!

Are you interested in puppy play and want to discover this world? Are you looking for information, articles or just friends to talk to and experience the puppy? Then we welcome you between us!

Welcome to House of Puppy (HoP), a place that is constantly evolving and that could change thanks to your contribution!

But, What is “House Of puppy”?

We still don’t know, but for now we can only tell you what it IS NOT.

  • It’s not a club
  • It is not an association
  • It is not a local

House of Puppy is an evolution of an already existing space born from an idea of ​​Aaron (formed Mr Puppy Italy 2018) and developed together with other puppies to create a place of open confrontation on Puppy Play in Italy and in the world.

HoP was born from curiosity, the desire for information and the desire to talk about Puppy Play in all its different nature.

The purpose is to build a place to provide information to those who are approaching puppy play for the first time.

  • An open and inclusive place to help and unite all the new puppies who share the passion for puppy Play and a space where they can express themselves without prejudice.
  • A Space where it will be possible to find advice and confront without gender or sexual orientation discrimination because House of Puppy wants to be an inclusive place for all and all.
  • A website mades of stories of Italian puppy and foreign puppy to feel part of a global community without distinction of sex, race, culture and social origin.

The Project

This project is made possible by the commitment of Aaron, Axel, Wyatt, Brian and all the other puppies who want to participate and give their contribution to the Italian puppy world and beyond.

So dear puppies, clean your paws and welcome to the HOUSE OF PUPPY!

Aaron, Axel & Wyatt