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Interview of Pup King – Mr Puppy NL 2020

House Of Puppy’s mission is to tell the puppy play through the voices of those who live it every day. And what better time to learn about puppy play than by interviewing its representatives? Here is the interview with the new Mr Puppy Holland 2020, pup King, elected during the Dutch fetish week of late…

Czech Puppy

Weekend Mr Puppy Czech Republic 2020

One of the most beautiful aspects of puppy play is that you can find friends anywhere and everywhere. Today we want to tell you about the experience that I, Axel, and Wyatt have had in Prague during the event for the election of the new Mr. Puppy Czech Republic 2020 on Saturday, November 23rd. Introduction…

Nome puppy

How do you choose a puppy name?

At the beginning of our journey as a puppy, very often we hear “But what’s your puppy name?” Yes, a name. But how do you choose it? and who should give it to me? The choice of the name is a very important step, almost a sort of initiation and link with one’s puppy identity….